Welcome to FlowerFolio.

Nat Lim. Full name Netania, but no one can pronounce it (I’ve had Titanic before. Don’t ask). From Melbourne, Australia. Law/Arts uni student. Leader and volunteer. Photographer of many things. Reader of many things. Writer of many terrible things. I also love coffee, roadtrips, jazz, and flowers. Hence, FlowerFolio.

I started FlowerFolio in 2014 not really knowing what I was doing. I still don’t. I had a samsung smartphone and a wordpress.com site. I took a wild leap, only knowing I loved taking photos of flowers (nothing on the macro shots I now take). It’s been a fascinating journey, though at times (MANY times) I’ve wanted to pull my hair out (lenses are expensive, photography is not especially lucrative, and I don’t have website or design skills). It’s taken me a long time to get to where I am currently as an artist, but over the years I’ve realised at my core is a need to tell stories here. Elsewhere, at work and at uni, and doing unpaid gigs too, I’m about giving to others and creating positive change. This photoblog, FlowerFolio, is where my artisan soul comes alive.

FlowerFolio is a collection of visual storytelling. It represents something of the beauty and wildness of human life. It’s my diary, my filters and lenses, my musings, of how I view my world. It’s creative, experimental, and original.

Thank you for visiting FlowerFolio – I sincerely hope you enjoy! Xx

Get in contact to shoot at hello@flowerfolio.com.au. Or follow me on all the socials: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Youtube – I’m everywhere!